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Oregon Couple Sue Cannabis Growers for Federal Racketeering

Following a precedent set in Colorado, a pair of rural landowners wants to shut down and collect cash from a slew of legal canna-businesses for being noisy neighbors.

by Zach Harris in Merry Jane


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Hmmm- what does such entity ADVISE upon?

It says here that the role of the committee is to provide scientific input to inform public health recommendations related to retail marijuana in Oregon.


“inform public health recommendations related to retail marijuana in Oregon.

Notice their current data….does it really address either issue? I mean after all, whether you’re for or against the dirty “m” word, it IS our tax dollars paying for this SCIENTIFIC INPUT, right? Right on!

So, don’t you want to know more?

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Website NOW LIVE !!!

The new Right To Grow USA website is up and running. It is the same domain There is a members only section that has been created and will be expanded with benefits that will be available to our members. These benefits will be rolled out as they are developed.

The Right To Grow USA Facebook page, group and the website will be integrated as much as possible so that no information is missed and those who like to make posts will still be able to do this on the FB page. The website blog will also be posted to the FB page. For those communications directed to lifetime members will be found only on the website.

To become a lifetime member means that you have donated $4.20 total over time or more. We do not set any donation amount and we do not have any recurring membership charges to maintain lifetime membership. We just appreciate the support given to further the cause of Right To Grow USA. When you make a donation you will be set up with your own members login to be able to access these areas.

For those who have made donations in the past your lifetime membership continues. We do ask that you send an email to so that you can be set up with your members login. Due to the hack in the past, membership information has been lost unfortunately so we will need to rebuild this over time.

Again, RTG thank you for all your support and we will keep you posted with updates.

Initiative Filed in Jackson County to Prevent Discrimination Against Cannabis Grows

Initiative Filed in Jackson County to Prevent Discrimination Against Cannabis Grows

By Keith Mansur
Oregon Cannabis Connection


An initiative petition has been filed in Jackson County, Oregon, that will allow cannabis grows to operate on Rural Residential properties. On June 14, 2017, the county approved the petition and title for signature gathering which was filed by Sandy Diesel of Right To Grow, U.S.A. The group needs to collect 4,956 valid signatures before the August 7 deadline for inclusion in the 2017 general election on November 7th.

“The initiative is in response to the county’s discrimination against farmers and to try to prevent future discrimination,” Diesel told Oregon Cannabis Connection (OCC). “The initiative makes it so they can’t say we can’t grow cannabis on RR if they aren’t saying, for example, that we can’t grow lavender.”

Right To Grow

They hope to gather 10,000 signatures to account for duplicates and invalid signatures that are inevitably collected by petitioners with every initiative. They have organized a meeting at 2:00pm on Friday, June 16, at the Medford Library where they will give instructions and provid training on signature gathering.

“We are doing this to protect farmers and agriculture in Jackson County in response to the counties unfair discrimination against Cannabis,” explained Diesel, who formed the activist group last year to fight the changes that have affected thousands of medical marijuana growers across the state and especially in Southern Oregon.

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